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We build platforms for people who are looking to engage, build their network, and elevate themselves to the next level. Read about what we offer below!

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A streaming platform built for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Improve your pitching progress with DotsMobile!  Share videos of your pitch practice runs and get trusted feedback in seconds!

Our Initiatives

From career development to amplifying the voices of researchers, our products are designed to work in tandem with these initiatives listed below.

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Our Career Development Program is offered exclusively to our DotsMobile users. Cohorts will get 1 on 1 mentoring with top career advisors and recruiters,(JobJunxion, JobMorph), speciality badges that aid you in becoming more viable to recruiters, and personal branding aid from our team of dedicated marketing experts. 


Our StreamScholars are at the top of their respective fields, conducting research in areas ranging from analytics, computer science, finance, diversity and inclusion, policymaking, entrepreneurship, machine learning, and more!

That is why DotsLive is the platform they need to amplify their voice, make connections with other industry experts, and collect data to further their research.

 Coming soon!

We have a very exciting Global Entrepreneurship Program we are planning with our partners at Tsinghua University and McGill University. 

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