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Community as a Service (CaaS)

Offering you new ways to build interactive communities

Communities can improve operational efficiency and drive successful KPIs

"Productivity, communication and collaboration tools are scattered. We are not seeing engagement in one-place"

We are your Solution Partner


Operational limitations are frustrating. Missing or poor community engagement stop you from meeting KPIs and achieving top and bottom-line growth.

Our Solution

 We offer digital tools for your users to network and stay engaged within your community regularly. Our

data-collection metrics offer

real-time information for you to meet the ever-changing needs of your users.


Dataraction helps you implement targeted initiatives for significantly greater engagement to grow and scale rapidly with your community members and partners, boosting KPI’s to where they need to be! 

We want to help you achieve your goals 

Deliver interactive programs that promote engagement between students and mentors


Span world-wide. Partner and scale with growing community

Track KPIs to help you

level-up your grant goals


Deliver engaging professional training programs 


Build an effective talent pipeline to hire the right talent to suit your organization's technological, people or process needs


Streamline all of your event management activities into one-platform


Sit-back and watch your community engage beyond a single-event.


Monitor your communities in real-time and focus on delivering

top-quality content efficiently


Our Products can help you Grow

Your growth is most important to us.

Virtual Teamwork and Collaboration

Building Talent Pipeline and Mentorship

Managing Digital Events and Communities

Our Community is Growing Rapidly

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