Improve your pitching prowess with DotsMobile!

Launching in November 2020!

We know the challenges students and young professionals face when it comes to refining their interview, pitching, and interpersonal skills. But not to fear!


We have provided the solution in the form of DotsMobile, a video-sharing app that connects you with a community of peers who can give you the feedback you need to keep growing.

Build Your  Brand

No need to be social-media savvy here! Dotsmobile connects you with the right people and helps you craft the right image needed to advance your career.

A Safe Space

A secure environment where everyone is helping each other grow.

Trusted Reviewers

 Badges ensure you always have access to trustworthy and reliable reviewers.

Ratings & Feedback

 We have streamlined the peer-review process for everyone’s convenience.

Coming soon!

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