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Thu, Dec 10
Research Seminar: “I Feel It is My Responsibility to Stream”, an award winning paper (CHI2019) by Zhicong Lu
“I Feel It is My Responsibility to Stream”: Streaming and Engaging with Intangible Cultural Heritage through Livestreaming CHI 2019 Best Paper Award Lu, Zhicong, Annett, Michelle, Fan, Mingming, and Wigdor, Daniel In Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2019
Wed, Dec 16
IBM Panel - Quantum Computing
DotsLive proudly presents IBM's 'Quantum Computing Panel' in collaboration with Ghislain Lefebvre of the prestigious Institut quantique, IBM's Jean-François Barsoum, and host, AI specialist Andrew Jaramillo.
Fri, Dec 18
The Future of Education: Technologies & Collaboration
Join 'The Honest Talk' co-founder Catherine Clark as she gathers insight from an esteemed panel on the future of education!
Wed, Jan 20
Building a Successful Startup in the Virtual Era
Speakers from Google, Facebook, and HBS working in the startup ecosystem will be sharing their experienced and tips!

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