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Collaborate Through Streaming

Beta+ Coming Soon!

We are excited to share our newest DotsLive update with you in November 2020!  Stay tuned for more amazing interactive features that connect our community even closer than ever before!

 ​Comments and Ratings

You can leave insightful suggestions, ask meaningful questions, and even rate your peer’s ideas all in real-time while also having direct access to the streamer. 

Collaborative Note-Taking 

Have a key takeaway from a stream?  You can take notes alongside the streams to get more accurate info and share it with your peers in real-time

Personalize Your Data AND Your Experience

We offer extensive data collection results to you to help you track your progress

 ​​More 'Lively' Live Polls

Both you and the streamer can conduct polls during live streams to better understand the opinions of your peers or to even collect first-hand data.

Coming soon!

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