Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

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Starting June 22, we're offering an 8-week bootcamp!
Join a collaborative space that unites top-of-the-field researches and talented people around the world. Participate in seminars, workshops and networking opportunities. 

Experience world-renowned research in a whole new way!

Our Vision for transforming Knowledge-sharing with the Research Community

There is no doubt that the way we interact with computers is changing by the day. Today, with user experience arguably deciding the success of a product, companies are prioritizing on user-centric design- one necessary industrial application to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). 

That's why we're collaborating with top-of-the-field HCI experts to bring you this bootcamp - so we can help you develop new skills in HCI that can help you stay current in your research or job-related endeavors.


We understand that learning new content is challenging, that's why we focus on micro-learning through weekly seminars and group projects. Our content is also catered for everyone regardless of your background or past experience. 


 This summer our goal is to: 

  • Keep you posted about state-of-art HCI research

  • Introduce HCI and research methodologies to those who are interested in learning

  • Inspire students to come up with creative solutions to real world problems

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Here's what you will gain:

  • Access to high-quality content created by top-of-the-field researchers in HCI

  • Work closely with HCI researchers to understand diverse perspectives and research methodologies

  • Gain hands-on project experience! Apply what you've learned by working in teams to tackle real-world problems

  • Network and take advantage of coaching and mentorship opportunities participating with experts 

  • Flexible structure - complete the bootcamp remotely and take advantage of our asynchronous learning activities 

  • Achieve a Digital Certificate

  • HCI research opportunities may be available after the bootcamp

Meet Our Research Community


Zhicong Lu

Chief Scientist 

Timeline and what to expect:

More Details Coming Soon!


Frequently asked questions

When is the bootcamp happening?

June 22 2021- August 20 2021

Who is eligible?

Everyone! Our bootcamp is open to all interested members.

What does time commitment look like?

More details coming soon.

Do I need to have a technical background/prereq?

No technical background/prereq is necessary.

Are bootcamps synchronous or asynchronous?

Seminars will be delivered synchrnously in EST. However, you can watch them at your convenience. Project work can be done asynchrnously.

Do I need to pay?

More details coming soon.

Can I join after the bootcamp started?

Yes definitely! However you may/may not be eligible for the Digital Certificate based on your circumstance.

What are the requirements to achieve the Digital Certificate?

There are 4 requirements you must satisfy to achieve the Digital Certificate: 1) Watch all seminars either live or archived and post key takeaways 2) Work on a project deliverable of your choice. This involves submitting a project proposal (short video demo/presentation), progress reports (short video demo/presentation) and final project presentation/demonstration. 3) Give feedback and peer review other students’ projects 4) Form small reading groups to review research papers and post short videos on learning

What does the project component involve?

You can work individually or with a group of students to further explore a research area within the realm of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) that interests you. You also have the opportunity to discuss with professors, research assisstants and other top-of-the-field experts to further explore your idea. The project component involves 3 phases: Phase 1: Research proposal (short video presentation) Phase 2: Progress report (short video demo/presentation) Phase 3: Project presentation/demonstration