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Connecting the Dots to Bring Knowledge ALIVE.
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Our Vision for Transforming the Research Community

DotsLive is a knowledge-sharing platform built specifically for researchers, by researchers. 

The biggest challenge researchers face today is the complete lack of visibility that makes it difficult for their highly important work to be seen by the world at large, and can often lead to their publications and findings being overlooked. That is why we aim to empower researchers by providing them with a space where they can easily connect with a global community of their peers and maximize the visibility of their work. 


Digital Work Life

How We Drive Innovative Research

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Visibility Made Easy

Achieve the success you desire using the power of live-streaming and highly-innovative tools that allow for more engaging interactions, networking, and peer-learning to take place.

Credibility is Key

We want to provide both credible and high-quality research-related content, which is why we only partner with individuals that are trustworthy and held to the highest ethical standards. Ultimately, we want to connect all the greatest minds of the world and bring the knowledge they have obtained over hundreds of hours of work, well and truly, alive. 

Even More Tools for Success

Those who choose to stream with us can even use real-time data collection features such as polls to gain feedback or even more vital research from viewers. 


Why Use DotsLive?


We promise credibility. By having researchers partake in the development of a platform that is meant for researchers, it allows for knowledge-sharing by credible individuals to take place. These individuals all have credentials that allow them to share trustworthy content with our viewers and platform users. They are also able to receive high-quality feedback from the research community which will help them further shape their research in a knowledgeable manner.


DotsLive is constantly supporting the growth and fostering of our researchers by providing them with tools and a platform to connect and find collaborators. Whether it is through hosting international conferences that are perfect for networking, or through merely using the spaces and tools we created to help you find the right collaborators, we always want to ensure you have the resources you need to carry out the highest quality of research possible. 

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Research Focus


Our initial focus on research topics will be surrounding but not limited to the future of technologies, education, diversity & inclusion, and sustainability. We are already working with several research networks at leading universities to line up a series of insightful seminars, panel discussions, and conferences starting in Jan 2021.


From developments in the fields of HCI, AI, and quantum computing, that power our modern society, to strategies and solutions that can combat climate change, our researchers share their insights from a completely global perspective.  We have broadened our research focuses beyond the STEM fields and have procured many top scholars who are innovating within the business, policy, law, and diversity sectors as well. All our researchers hail from top academic institutions from around the world and are further amplifying their work by tapping into the vast global network that already exists on DotsLive.