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"Usually its the platform that tells you how you can interact, that is the limitation"

Collaboration Tools



✖ Digital teaching tools are not equipped to promote classroom engagement  

✖ Students are not showing interest learning virtually 

It is hard to track progress and support groups during team projects 

Our Approach: 

We offer digital tools built for team collaboration. We boost engagement through group chatting features and project management tools to that directly support student learning. Additionally, our tools have built-in tracking and analytics to track and monitor individual and team performance. 

University Cafeteria

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Communication, productivity and activity tools are spread across too many platforms

Event coordinators are unsure how to create engagement during events

It is difficult for communities to connect beyond a single event/program in an online world 

Our Approach: 

We have all the tools you need to run programs and mentorship events with a priority on group engagement. We equip tools to facilitate team collaboration tools and engagement. Further, we help sustain engagement beyond a single-event by building communities.

Female Developers

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Mentorship and Programs 



"Finding the right talent is becoming increasingly difficult" 

Professional Training

professional developmnet training sessio

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It is challenging to get learners to actively participate and engage in professional training material

  Existing programs are not equipped with the goal of improving learning effectiveness 

  Results/valuable KPIs are not captured 

Our Approach: 

We provide you with tools to facilitate peer evaluations and learning around professional training content. In doing so, you can ensure higher engagement with learning material. Further, our data and analytics allow you to track key metrics and KPIs to better understand your ROI. 

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Talent Pipelining


 It is difficult finding talent that matches company needs

 Lack of metrics validating soft skills (ie. teamwork and collaboration) 

✖ Unaware of how to build a talent pipeline

Our Approach: 

We ​allow you to create your own talent pipeline by helping you manage candidates for present/future recruitment. You can also post interactive projects for candidates to evaluate teamwork and collaboration skills in real-time. 



"There is a huge SaaS overload and community engagement is becoming increasingly difficult through our computer screens" 



Too many tools to manage logistics and event planning 

✖ Little/manual tracking of event performance taking too long 

✖ Missing out in reaching potential user groups 

Our Approach: 

Our platform provides information and knowledge sharing hub to ensure you deliver a successful event by streamlining planning, execution, communication and data collection all into a single virtual space.


Organizing the Calendar

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Community Engagement



 Community is not engaged past a single zoom event

 Having content is not enough, fostering audience and community engagement is becoming more important

 Manual work and limited analytics around tracking engagement and growth in your community​​

Our Approach: 

We provide you with the tools needed to maintain, strengthen, and expand your community’s engagement in one place. 

Networking Event

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Event Management