Our Vision

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About Us


At Dataraction, we want to we remove existing barriers and strengthen community engagement across the world!


Our plan is to work directly with corporations, community leaders, educators to create solutions that boost engagement within their ecosystems and scale world-wide.

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Current Updates

VR Headset

HCI Bootcamp

June 2021

We are currently working in partnership with a globally renowned Human Computer Interaction Community piloting a 50-100 person bootcamp. 


We are also working with Canada's McGill University and their goLEAD leadership learning program to help deliver an entrepreneurship program on our platform. 

Startup Room

Upcoming Entrepreneurship Program

Aug 2021

Who we are

We are experts in business, education and data science


Anferny Chen (CEO)

Harvard Business School Graduate

10+ years experience  in education innovation projects with leading global universities and 5+ years working on data science projects


Zhicong Lu (Co-Founder)

Award Winning Researcher

Advocate for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

and PhD in Computer Science

Dataraction is Founded!

Oct 1, 2019

Start in Pre-Accelerator Program at ventureLAB

Jan 2020

Launch first beta

Jan 20, 2020

Start IBM Tech Accelerator Program at ventureLAB

Jan 2021


Launch second beta

Started Accelerator Program at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo

Launching third beta

More to come!

Jan 20, 2021

May 2021

we are here 

Summer 2021

Q4 2021