This is only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead.

Our story has an unlikely beginning. It began in 2016 when the co-founders Anferny Chen and Zhicong Lu worked together to build a chatroom with voting features that was to be used for a cross-discipline event between engineering and business students at Tsinghua University. Very few people ended up using the tool, both because it was poorly designed and the host forgot to remind the audience to use it, but an idea was born. What if they could build a platform that successfully allowed for peer-learning and knowledge sharing to occur? This was the idea that led to the creation of Dataraction in 2019.

About us

Our People

These are the hardworking individuals who not only dream big, but bring even the most impossible ideas to life.

Business and Marketing 


Anferny Chen

Chief Executive Officer 

Teri Judge

Chief Operating  Officer 

​Victoria Spanò

Marketing & Community Manger

Christian Egwuogu

Product Consultant

Developers and Designers


Zhicong Lu

Chief Scientist

Steven Zhao

Chief Technology Officer

Vikki Wang

UI/ UX Lead

Swetha Sivakumar

Project Manager

Monishkumar Sivakumar
Software Developer

Jordan Sie
Software Developer

Jiaqi Lu

Full-Stack Engineer

Julia Wang
Software Developer


Zhili Mai
Back-end Developer

Micheal Koiku
Mobile Developer

Veronica Dogbegah
UX Designer

Olusegun Odufuwa
Product Manager

Our Advisors 

No team would be complete without the mentors, coaches and partners who graciously share their knowledge and expertise and make the organization that much stronger for it.

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3600 Steeles Ave East, Markham, ON, Canada

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